The memories evoked by fragrant choreg bread, a steaming plate of well-seasoned mante, the fresh aromas of a bowl of itch – above all else the food of Armenia blends deeply cherished tradition with sheer delight in taste, smell and look. Armenian dishes mix the strength of the kitchen of the Caucasus with the warmth of the Mediterranean. Sturdy mountain stews and kebabs sit side by side with refined mezzes and salads.

Armenian food bridges a divide. To cook Armenian is to revive and strengthen a memory of Armenia and indulge in a longing that for many was one of the few remaining tangible links with a distant homeland. The sense of community that comes with the food, most often served in large bowls or on big serving platters, was never lost.

In that same spirit of community, we are seeking to bring together a collection of Armenian recipes, accessible to all via this website. We’re after a vibrant and continuously growing compendium of the most evocative and enticing items on the worldwide Armenian menu. Or just the tastes of your youth, a simple salad, a favorite dessert, a beloved breakfast dish.

The fond recollections of snacks, meals and feasts prepared by grandmothers, uncles, sisters or friends; they’re all part of the fabric of our lives and we’re eager to hear about them and share them. Variations, twists and updates are more than welcome too. After all, we’re a living people and the Armenian kitchen is not only part of our heritage, it’s also very much in our present and our future.