Koumbou/ Koumba

Koumbou/ Koumba

A special spice cake made on St. Sarkis’ Day. A Mousadaghian tradition. The cake is Lenten and is very aromatic.

Agrayi Hadig

Agrayi Hadig

Whole wheat cooked and served with sugar and garnishes as walnut, raisins, cinnamon…etc and is served in the celebration of a baby’s first tooth.



This savory sweet is a must┬áhave at any Armenian Christmas celebration. Anoushabour…

kisher tsereg

Kisher Tsereg

Day and night cake. The top decoration is the cake crumbs from both cakes which represents the night and day.


Aghov Keghke

usually this keghke is known for its small round shape


Tsite pigigh

Tsite pigigh is in the special dialect of Mousaler which translates ti Tsetov Keghke